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We Ensure That You or Your Loved One is Treated With Dignity and Respect

When your doctor and you or your loved one decide that curative treatment is no longer an option, our hospice services may be the answer. We focus on your physical needs as well as your emotional and spiritual needs.

Our staff and volunteers can help with daily activities, from giving medication to running errands. We also provide training to caregivers to ensure you or your loved one are comfortable. Many of our staff members have experienced life-limiting illness within their own family and friends. For many, it is why they have joined our team. We are passionate about helping you achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Our Team Offers a Special Kind of Caring Atmosphere

GHC provides hospice services to patients wherever they call home in Georgia and South Carolina. Whether you live in a skilled nursing center or assisted living facility, your home or a loved one’s home, or an independent living facility, we will provide the care you need. Each patient is unique and has different challenges and needs during this period of their life and we are there by their side to ensure they have the respect and dignity they deserve.

We Provide Care That Encompasses the Medical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Treatment

  • Expert clinic care, including wound management
  • Active management of your pain and symptoms with the goal of minimizing or eliminating pain and discomfort
  • Active volunteers for companionship and support
  • Spiritual care support through experienced chaplains and social workers
  • Services for patients 18 years or older
  • Provide necessary medical equipment and supplies such as a hospital bed, wheelchair, walker, and oxygen
  • Assist families in learning how to care for the patient
  • Short-term inpatient care when pain or symptoms become too difficult to manage at home, or if your caregiver needs respite
  • Bereavement care and counseling to surviving family members and caregivers
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